Map showing details of the new public spaces that will surround the Cunard building on the Halifax waterfront. Right-hand portion of the map is blue and labeled ‘Halifax Harbour’. The left-hand portion of the map shows the waterfront and boardwalk between Bishop’s Landing and the grassy mound at the terminus of Morris Street. From top to bottom, the map shows the following points of interest. New seating along the walkway to the helipad (where the existing drunken lampposts sculpture is located). A landscaped ‘Coastal Garden’ at the head of the Cunard inlet. A zig-zag ‘Tidal Ramp’ extending from the boardwalk down into the harbour at the head of the Cunard inlet. Egg-shaped features labeled ‘Public Art’ and ‘Natural Play Area’, landscaped with greenery and stone. A ‘Café-Style Seating & Program Space’ in the middle of the site. More seating along the edges of the Cunard boardwalk. A ‘Faceted Bench and Shade’ area near the northeast corner of the Cunard site, with wood surfacing and trees. The Cunard building itself, a large L-shaped project with a restaurant patio at its eastern end, nearest the harbour. And the Acadian Monument in its new location at the terminus of Morris Street, on top of the existing grassy mound.