The Africa Festival of Arts and Culture is an annual festival that showcases the unique cultural heritage and artistic works of people of African descent living in Nova Scotia.

Major events in the festival include arts, crafts, visuals and performing arts of people of African descent. Artists participating in the festival are diasporas from Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Gambia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Togo, Uganda, Somalia, Burkina Faso, Congo, Ivory Coast, Caribbean and African Nova Scotian Community. Artistic work includes arts and crafts, drumming, jazz, hip-hop, gospel music, stand-up comedy, literature, food, and much more. Notable performers this year includes: Carson Downey, Master Drummer Amadou Kienou and Djeli Sira Drummers from Burkina Faso, Bobo Musique from Montreal, Ramesha Drums from Burundi, Dicko Fils, Mapou Ginen, Mose and Frtiends, Congolese Dancers, and various African cultural dances, Food, Arts and Crafts.

The festival is open to the public free of charge; come to celebrate and showcase our unique cultural heritage.

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January 1, 1970