Evergreen Market Vendor Opportunity

September 15, 2022 — Halifax, NS: The Evergreen Festival will bring the spirit of the season to Halifax from November 25-December 18, 2022. Local businesses and organizations are invited get involved as Evergreen Market vendors.

Evergreen Festival is a 4-week-long showcase of Nova Scotian culture, food, spirits, craft, art, and memorable winter experiences. It uniquely and intentionally embraces Nova Scotia’s approaching winter and holiday season, bringing communities to life with music, light, and joy. A pillar of the festival is the Evergreen Market, a platform for businesses to showcase Nova Scotian artists, crafters, producers, and creators.

The Evergreen Festival is seeking vendors interested in operating one of Develop Nova Scotia’s twenty-four (24) chalets for some or all of the festival. While existing businesses and organizations are encouraged to respond to this call for submissions, we also encourage independent artists, producers, and collectives to apply as well.

Claim your Evergreen Market chalet today! Click here to learn more about this vendor opportunity, and how you can get involved.