New Name, Mandate for Waterfront Development

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Waterfront Development Corp. is getting a new mandate to help drive strategic economic development across Nova Scotia.

The Crown corporation will now be called Develop Nova Scotia with province-wide responsibility for strategic economic infrastructure and property.

Develop Nova Scotia will work closely with partners, stakeholders and industry to create projects that contribute to economic growth in the province.

It will also develop and manage an implementation plan to expand high-speed internet in rural Nova Scotia in connection with the Nova Scotia Internet Funding Trust.

“We recognize Waterfront Development’s inherent strengths in project management and its strong relationships with rural communities,” said Geoff MacLellan, Minister of Business. “Now, as Develop Nova Scotia, its mandate will include the entire province, working closely with all of our municipalities to help us grow our economy in strong, vibrant communities.”

“Most Nova Scotians recognize we live in a wonderful place, never far from the water’s edge, and rich in tradition and culture,” said Dale Godsoe, chair of the board for Develop Nova Scotia. “What more people are recognizing is that the quality and livability of places can have a significant impact on economic growth. We welcome this opportunity to take the lead and ensure a strategic focus on places that contribute to a vibrant and prosperous future for Nova Scotia.”

Develop Nova Scotia will begin immediate work on an internet implementation plan. The Crown will begin hiring the technical expertise it requires to move quickly on high-speed internet, as well as additional resources to support its expanded mandate.

Beginning in August, Develop Nova Scotia will meet with municipalities, regional economic development agencies and local industry. The sessions will focus on internet and strategic economic infrastructure.

Mr. MacLellan said he expects Develop Nova Scotia to roll out its internet plan later this fall.

Legislation to formally create a new Crown is also expected in the fall.

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