New Spaces at Dartmouth General Hospital

View of new Intensive care room at Dartmouth General Hospital.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The new Lorraine Elizabeth Brownrigg Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Dartmouth General Hospital is now open for patient care. The new space is strategically located between the operating rooms and the emergency department, with diagnostic imaging across the hall.

“This will be invaluable for timely access to care and eliminate the need to use the elevator to transport patients,” said ICU Health Services Manager, Holly Henry. “This makes it much more dignified for the patients and much easier for health care providers.”

In addition to its new location, the renovated unit is larger in space than its predecessor. The bigger footprint allows for a family to support their loved ones, without encroaching on health care spaces.

“Our new ICU allows us to optimally care for our critically ill patients, adapting to their needs,” said Dartmouth General Medical Lead, Dr. Natalie Cheng.

“There is significantly improved functionality and flexibility, a dedicated negative pressure room[isolation room] with a separate antechamber for safer gowning and removal of personal protective equipment, and a separate consultation room for important family discussions. These, along with the other improvements, will have an enormous impact on patients and the health care team.”

Henry explains that the new ICU provides better care conditions for both patients and providers, including 12-foot ceilings, large windows, and a skylight to help alleviate ICU [patient confusion] and improve the overall workplace environment.”

Additional new features and equipment include booms and patient lifts, and functions without head walls to provide more space for easier access to patient care. Henry explains the significance of this change.

“With booms and lift, we can mobilize the patient earlier in their critical care stay, which is known to increase positive patient outcomes and shorten length of stays, and without head walls we can function more efficiently in invasive interventions.”

President and CEO of the Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation Stephen Harding explains that the ICU is named in remembrance of a donor’s wife.

“John Brownrigg donated $500,000 in honour of his wife. They both would be proud of the work that went into the new ICU and the positive impact it will have on future patients.”

New Pharmacy

A new pharmacy is now open at Dartmouth General Hospital. It features:

Diagnostic Imaging Renovation

As part of Phase 2 renovations for diagnostic imaging at Dartmouth General Hospital, new spaces include: