Bedford Waterfront Lands


Bedford Waterfront, NS



Bedford Waterfront Lands at Mill Cove & Mill Cove Boardwalk Extension

Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) has undertaken studies regarding infrastructure capacity and transportation implications of development along the Bedford Highway.

These studies were critical to informing and determining development plans for the Bedford waterfront. In March 2024, HRM along with its provincial and federal partners announced a new high-speed ferry service between Mill Cove and Halifax, to be in service in the 2027-2028 fiscal year.

In 2017, work on-site included adding material to raise and smooth the site elevation, site stabilization including perimeter armour stone, and paving of the road. This work contributed to the overall safety of the site.



Build Nova Scotia is providing the Bedford waterfront property for the Mill Cove ferry terminal, which will support the new environmentally friendly, high-speed ferry service that will travel between Bedford and downtown Halifax.

The new ferry service will include five electric ferries, a new ferry terminal at Mill Cove, a replacement for the Halifax ferry terminal and a new maintenance facility. A bridge will also be built over the CN rail line in Bedford to connect buses, cars, pedestrians, and cyclists to the new Mill Cove terminal.

The Halifax Regional Municipality is leading this new zero-emission ferry service which will help address road traffic, plan for future population growth, and encourage the use of public transportation. The project is a partnership of the municipal, provincial and federal governments and has a total project cost of about $260 million.



Part of the enhancements on the Bedford Waterfront include the Mill Cove Boardwalk Extension. It provides pedestrian connections to the Waterfront Drive extension, a fully serviced public roadway, and to Mill Cove Park. Continuous public waterfront access now extends from Shore Drive, around the complete perimeter of Phase One, to Mill Cove Park and the South Jetty.  Waterfront Drive offers full sidewalk access, and lighting is in place for the entire 1.5-kilometer length of the boardwalk.