Bowater Site Assessment and Management


Brooklyn, Nova Scotia

Now the Port Mersey Park

Beginning in 2013, Build Nova Scotia managed activities at the former Bowater Mersey Paper Company in Brooklyn. Throughout the windup of the former paper mill, Build Nova Scotia was responsible daily activities including site maintenance, security, and organization and protection of assets.

To further the position of Brooklyn site as a commercial park, Build Nova Scotia completed or was involved in several significant projects including:

  • Electrical service refeeds with several new service points, and a large-scale reconfiguration of existing electrical services and transformers.
  • Hazardous materials assessment and subsequent cleanup of 40 tonnes of asbestos and other controlled substances including PCB light ballast.
  • Modernization of water and sewer lines and reconfiguration to meet the needs of the new site.
  • Updating and adapting the steam supply system from Brooklyn Power to the site, including new supply piping from Brooklyn Power and re-feed of piping to various site buildings.
  • Modifying the fire alarm and fire protection services for the site.
  • Carrying out wharf assessment to determine condition and repairs necessary for future usage.
  • Tendering for wharf repairs (recently closed)
  • Tendering for demolition of redundant buildings and sale of various assets (recently closed).

Build Nova Scotia have also managed the identification and gathering of site artifacts that were passed to the Queens County Museum, the Nova Scotia Archives, and to the Museum of Industry.