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With community, Build Nova Scotia developed a 5-year master plan for Lunenburg’s Working Waterfront.

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19th Annual Lunenburg Waterfront SymposiumJune 24, 2023

Thank you to everyone who joined us on June 25, 2022 for the 18th Annual Lunenburg Waterfront Symposium

View the Lunenburg Waterfront Master Plan (2022 Update)

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Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Annual Lunenburg Waterfront Symposium on June 24/21.
View the webinar here.

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View the Lunenburg Waterfront Master Plan (2021 Update)

Big Boat Shed – Inside Look 2021
2020 Lunenburg Working Waterfront video
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In 2018, with the input and support of locals, stakeholder groups and businesses, Build Nova Scotia completed a Master Plan for Lunenburg’s Working Waterfront and was launched in 2019. The goals of the plan are to:

  1. Improve Harbour Infrastructure to Enhance Marine Economic Activity
  2. Ensure Wharves are Used to Full Potential
  3. Create a Common User Shipyard
  4. Explore Opportunity to Support Ocean Technology Sectors/COVE
  5. Better Segregation of Marine Industrial and Tourism Uses
  6. Maintain Ownership of Assets Along the Lunenburg Waterfront
  7. Continue to Invest in Build Nova Scotia Owned Buildings and Wharves to Foster Economic Activity
  8. Establish a Best in Class Recreational Marina for Transient Boaters
  9. Maximize the Yield Per Tourist, While Reducing Their Impact on the Community
  10. Explore Opportunity for Enhanced Federal Role in Lunenburg Harbour

The plan is well underway, with a number of projects currently underway or completed.

Click here for the 2020 annual update from the Lunenburg Waterfront Association and Build Nova Scotia.