Nathan Green Square


1869 Upper Water Street, Halifax Waterfront, NS
Directions: Between Historic Properties and the Halifax Ferry Terminal


Halifax Regional Municipality



Build Nova Scotia (then Waterfront Development) and Halifax Regional Municipality partnered to revitalize a well-travelled and well-loved destination on the Halifax waterfront.


In 2011, the two partners invested in the Nathan Green Square Revitalization Project to refresh this public area located next to the Halifax Ferry Terminal, between Halifax Harbour and the Law Courts. Each partner contributed $200,000.

The improvements included a continuation of the timber boardwalk, new seating, with enhanced landscaping for year-round interest, improved lighting and water views, as well as better access between this public area and Historic Properties.

The square was dedicated in 1983 to Judge Nathan Green to honour the work of the first member of Nova Scotia’s Jewish community to become a judge.

Recognized for his many personal and professional contributions, he held the role of Chief Judge of Nova Scotia’s provincial court, and was a well-respected mediator and sought-after arbitrator within the legal community. The Halifax Public Library Board, the Shaar Shalom Synagogue, and the Rotary Club are just a few of the community groups and associations he actively contributed to over the years.

Other partnership projects between the City and Waterfront Development include the children’s playground on the Halifax waterfront, and the Telford Bridge on the Dartmouth Harbourwalk Trail.