Peggy’s Cove Infrastructure Improvement Strategy


Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia


Community of Peggy's Cove, ACOA, Tourism Nova Scotia, Department of Public Works


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Last updated: May 2024

Questions, ideas, or issues? Email us at


  • For operational questions or issues, please reach out to Build Nova Scotia at
  • For road related issues, pass your concern directly along to Public Works through the Province’s Operation Contact Centre (OCC) at 1-844-696-7737 or by email at  The OCC is open 24/7.
  • The Province updated the Peggy’s Cove Land-Use By-Law (LUB) in Spring 2024. Questions related to it should be directed to the Peggy’s Cove Commission at and the Commission will respond.
  • Please Note: The vending and busking info can be found in section 7.16 in the new LUB. Vending and busking are prohibited with three exceptions listed.

Operations Updates

  • Public Washrooms. The public washrooms at the lighthouse and deGarthe Common are open for the season from 9am-9pm.
  • As of May 1, 2024 a safety attendant is on-site in Peggy’s Cove from 8am-8pm. See below for more information on the Safety Program and attendants.
  • Contracts for washroom cleaning, garbage removal, litter pickup continue with The Sou’Wester, who are on a three-year contract for this work (issued in Spring 2021).

Minor Construction

  • Some gravel was placed near the deGarthe House and Gallery to provide a space for Paint Peggy’s Cove to set up this summer. This minor work was completed in March 2023.
  • Updates on Department of Public Works Projects in Peggy’s Cove:
    • Handrail at gift shop completed.
    • Widening of shoulder on Church Road completed.
    • Sidewalk washout on hill has been completed.

deGarthe Properties

Viewing Deck Updates

  • The viewing deck opened to the public in October 2021. Since then, we’ve continued to clean up small items and maintenance as needed.
  • The public spaces of the viewing deck are meant for public access at all time, so requests for private events will be declined.
  • Build Nova Scotia continues to observe and gather feedback—feel free to share your thoughts through

Line Painting + Parking Inventory System

  • Build Nova Scotia will continue to monitor the system throughout the off season and adjust as needed. The sign is expected to remain off – date tbc.
    • Real-time data (approximate count) for both parking lots is available to everyone on the Safety Microsite Build Nova Scotia developed under the direction of the Province in Fall 2022.
  • Parking Inventory cameras damaged in Hurricane Fiona have been replaced.

Security Cameras

  • Build Nova Scotia operates camera systems in Peggy’s Cove to support our work and operations. There are cameras installed at the lighthouse washroom, the cove washroom, and the deGarthe Studio—they help us evaluate site conditions and monitor for operations issues on provincially-owned properties in Peggy’s Cove.

Signage Program

  • Build Nova Scotia developed additional signage to deter people from the breakwater and surrounding paths.
  • Build Nova Scotia worked with families affected by tragedy in Peggy’s Cove as well as Mi’kmaw community members to explore and develop two new interpretive signage. These were added in 2023.

Safety + Harm Prevention Program

  • Safety Staff. Build Nova Scotia has contracted on-site attendants for short-term pilot to help address safety concerns in Peggy’s Cove. This program will return full time as of May 1, 2024 (from 8am-8pm).

    The attendants are providing direct intervention, communication, and education focused on visitor safety, harm prevention, any immediate safety issues on the public lands and infrastructure in Peggy’s Cove. Their presence has proven to be an effective addition to the efforts to increase harm prevention efforts and visitor safety in Peggy’s Cove.

    The attendants’ duties include monitoring the rocks to provide warnings and point out dangers to visitors; providing immediate first aid; calling emergency services when required; helping with the general flow of vehicle circulation at the layby and Lobster Lane; and on-scene incident management as necessary. These attendants are not authorized to lead any physical interventions or water rescue.
    Since the start of the pilot program in August 2022, we have had 109 days of operation, 949 verbal interventions, and 1 non-life-threatening incident on site that required further intervention from Build Nova Scotia and Halifax Fire.
  • We continue to explore further safety and circulation items that these attendants could support around Peggy’s Cove.