CBRM Healthcare Redevelopment


Northside Business Park, Cape Breton

Project Type

Construction Management Delivery


Healthcare Centre


Opened in 1954, Northside General Hospital is a community hospital that serves North Sydney, Sydney Mines, and surrounding areas. It currently has 45 acute care beds, 14 licensed transitional long-term care beds, and 22 beds on Taigh Solas, a licensed community long-term care unit.

A new, modern health centre and a 60-bed long-term care home will be built in the Northside Business Park, along with a new laundry centre. The new health centre will replace Northside General Hospital, strengthening primary health services in the area.


Announced as contracts are awarded

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New Health Centre
  • Space for a collaborative family care team (doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, dietitians, and other health professionals).
  • Space for urgent care clinics for after-hours access.
  • More space for ambulatory care clinics to allow for specialty clinics.
  • Continuing care staff in one location (currently in a separate building) workstations for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and nutrition counselling.
  • Expanded dialysis service (going from 8 to 12 treatment stations).
  • New consultation rooms for counselling, community support teams, and wellness clinics.
  • New team workstations for public health services with consultation and clinic rooms.
  • Increased space for mental health and addictions programs.
  • Expansion of chronicle disease management space to include a new classroom and a new nourishment room.
  • Diagnostic imaging (x-ray and ultrasound), blood collection, and cardiac services.
  • Includes a centre of excellence for Endoscopy.
Short-Stay Beds
  • Twelve new (sub-acute) short-stay beds for patients who need observation but not in an acute care setting; stays up to 72 hours.
  • This includes patients with exacerbated COPD, post-surgery wound care requiring IV antibiotics, and blood transfusion.
New Long-Term Care Home
  • Taigh Solas, the current 22-bed licensed community long-term care unit, will be replaced with a new 60-bed long-term care home.
New Laundry Centre
  • A new laundry centre to serve CBRM hospitals and health centres will be built to replace the existing facility.
  • It will have modern equipment and improved working conditions.



  • Continued development of tenders for the Health Centre, Long-term Care Centre, and Laundry Centre.
  • Foundation work for Health Centre and Long-term Care Centre.
  • Foundation work for the Laundry Centre underway.
  • Structural steel erection.


  • Early sitework and site services for the Health Centre, Long-Term Care Centre, and Laundry Centre.
  • Laundry Centre excavation and rough grading of parking areas.



  • Improved access to care.

Healthcare Professionals

  • Providing doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals with a modern place to work with advanced equipment and technology.
  • Providing a modern, state-of-the-art facility to help recruit and retain healthcare professionals.


  • The project will focus on a healthy indoor environment, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and efficient use of energy, water, and other resources.