1325 Lower Water Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Southwest Properties




Developed in partnership with Southwest Properties, Cunard is a high-quality, mixed-use project that will contribute to a total of up to two acres of new public space on the Halifax Waterfront, near the intersection of Lower Water Street and Morris Street.

The development will be built to LEED® Gold certification. The Cunard Residences will feature 231 rental units, interior parking, and ground level retail. Together, the building and its surroundings will form a unique new destination on the southern waterfront.

Southwest Properties started construction on the Cunard project in spring 2021, and this mixed use development is nearing completion.

Construction of the public spaces will continue into summer 2024, and we aim to maintain continuous public access to the water’s edge during and after the site’s development. This new place on the waterfront has been designed to include accessibility features.

Once the project is complete, Build Nova Scotia will manage and operate these public spaces surrounding the building.

new public spaces at cunard

Spring 2024: Construction is underway on Cunard’s new public spaces and will include:

  • a mix of hard and soft landscaping
  • high-quality finishes
  • restaurant patios
  • accessibility improvements
  • floating docks (future phase)

Once a new concrete base is installed for the Acadian Monument, it will return to its current location on the northeast corner of the Cunard site, this summer.

We look forward to welcoming the community back to Halifax’s southern waterfront and inviting ways to help us program and activate these new public spaces. 

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to this process

Early in the project, Build Nova Scotia engaged with community on the possibilities for Cunard’s new public spaces. We continue working to make the waterfront a welcoming, inviting, and comfortable place for everyone to visit and spend time. Click here to download our What We’re Hearing report, which includes ideas for future community programming and activations all along the Halifax waterfront.

General Hours of Work

Work will generally take place during normal working hours. These are noted below. More information on Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) construction exemptions are here.

Monday to Friday:


Sundays & Statutory Holidays:

Servicing Work

Although work is not expected to be required outside of the times listed above, if, for any reason, work is anticipated to be required outside of these hours, the contractor will apply to HRM for approval 5 business days (minimum) in advance of such work and obtain approval prior to proceeding. It is noted that HRM’s Noise By-Law cannot be altered without HRM council approval; work must adhere to the Noise By-Law.