Trenton Commercial Park


Trenton, Nova Scotia

Land/Property Currently Available for Development

89 acres of cleared, level industrial land

Includes 12 acre reinforced laydown yard.

Close proximity to 310 MW Nova Scotia Power Inc. Trenton Generating Station (red circle)

Served by Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Rail Line.

Warehouse (Red) & E-Shop (Blue)

Warehouse (Red box) – Built: 2001400 ft x 100 ft (40,000 sf)
Min. floor-ceiling clearance: 30 ft
Max. floor-ceiling clearance: 32 ft.

E Shop (Blue box) – Built: 19991,000 ft x 110 ft (110,000 sf)
Min. floor-ceiling clearance: 41 ft
Max. floor-ceiling clearance: 51.5 ft